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Shannon is a multidisciplinary artist in Philadelphia, PA.  


Shannon works with movement, video, film, and performance. Their practice explores how tensions between invisible forces and the material world. Shannon understands Disability and access as a generative creative force that changes time, space, and power structures. Recent work has explored rocks, belief, access, the Erie Canal, memory, the Burned Over District, becoming a fossil, condensing time, blindness, the supernatural, industry, chronic pain, magic, excavation, control, alienation from work, diagnosis, alienation from the body, interdependence, capacity.



Shannon is a founding member of Hook&Loop a collective of Disabled people in Philadelphia who organize more accessible events and creative practices. Shannon is the founder of UNDUE BURDEN, a digital community archive and exhibition series created and led by Disabled people in Philadelphia. Shannon has received grants/funding from The Leeway Foundation, The Philadelphia Office for the Arts, and The Velocity Fund.  She is a part of Leah Stein Dance Company and has worked with artists such as Leah Stein, Annie Heath, Annie Wilson, Oona Taper, Tara Bayat, Donna Oblongata, and Dawn States. 

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