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archive of care

Explore our 'archive of care' composed of self-directed documentation of how the we care for each other and ourselves. 


We are interested in observing the innate choreography/scores of care.


Natural patterns, shapes, melodies, pas de deux, textures, lines, colors, or tones of care. 


How do we choose to present care? Where do we place our recording devices? How close we are allowed?

What does stretching the body sound like, and does it harmonize with your cooking sounds? 

Capitalism has stripped or at least muddied our relationship with care. 

Through this archive we hope to uncover, remember, and honor our practices of care. 

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis until September 2020.

Submissions will be shown in this archive and streamed sporadically through Window Room TV.

→ record (video, still images, audio) giving or receiving care
→ recording can be any length
→ you can submit as many recordings as you'd like
→ examples include but are not limited to feeding, moving around, playing, cooking, drawing, cleaning, washing, massaging, bathing, gardening, sewing, dancing, singing, listening, etc.

the archive 

windsor cows and horse, Vermont, Leah Stein, 5/9/20

Phytogram 10fps, Ridgewood, Queens, NY, Dena Kopolovich, 2019

Frying Just One Egg (bc i'm only a little hungry), PA, Gabe Vasquez, 5/6/20
00:00 / 00:48


the plants, Philadelphia PA, Kimya Jackson, 5/13/20

SHOWER, PA, Shannon Brook, 5/8/20
00:00 / 26:38

Happy 7, Queens NY, Kelsey Lurie, 5/7/20

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