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how to see in the dark 

Shannon performs with a wooden stick.


Improvised movement and sound to see in the dark. Exploring what we don't see, what we miss, what we think we see, what we sense, funny feelings, what we run into, what we tip over, what we are surprised by, ghosts, white canes, step-ball-change, the edges of our capacity.

AUTOMAT gallery, Philadelphia PA
August 2022

In this performance I attached myself and the wooden stick to a synth. Noise is made by completing the circuit through skin-to-stick contact. Notes and musical intensity fluctuate depending on pressure and touch. 

Thinking about making surreal contraptions to support our 'sight' once we have dissolved our eyeballs.

Gratitude to Trinity, Aalaya, Val, and Mimi for the love and connection during this performance. 

LSDC, Art Room Studio
Philadelphia Fringe Fes
mber  2022

This performance will moved through the stairwell at the Art Room Studio and invited audience members to move from vantage point to vantage point in order to experiment with how we ‘see’ and experience the piece.

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