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Loop is an ongoing duet between a Super-8mm film I composed from home movies originally taken by my great-grandfather Fredrick Endemann, and a dance. 


The performance exists as a series of site-specific experiments investigating memory and how it intertwines and energizes the present performance of my body.

I feed my Super-8mm film into the projector, splice it into a continuous loop and use my body and movement to directly manipulate the speed and direction of Fredrick’s reworked images.

Here is a video to give you an idea.

I rephotographed Fredrick’s home movies onto Super-8mm with belief that my body knows which images and moments to resurrect. Whenever I was struck by an image, I pressed record. 

I hand processed the color reversal film.


Santa Baby

Rehearsal with digitally projected images 

November 2019 

Performance History 

February 2020        Inhale/Exhale with Window Seat Media, Olympia WA  

November 2019     Studio Works, The Art Room, Leah Stein dance company, Philadelphia PA

March 2019            Shoebox Theater Festival, Philadelphia PA


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