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Rehearsal with s8mm loop and projector 

August 2019 

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Video ID: Inside a shady cement warehouse. Shannon loads s8mm film in a projector. Shannon turns the projector on and begin its repetitive, loud whirling. The light shines through the  film begins to projects on an adjacent wall faint images of people at a picnic and celebrating Xmas. Shannon climbs into the frame and begins dances within the projections and physically handling the film - lettings it burn and break. 

Loop is my duet with a Super-8mm film composed of rephotographed home movies originally taken by my great-grandfather Fredrick Endemann.

I projected the original footage and redocumented the film with an s8mm camera. By believing my body knows which images and moments to resurrect, whenever I was struck by an image, I pressed record.  Then,, 
I hand processed the color reversal film.  
The performances exist as site-specific experiments investigating memory and how it intertwines and energizes the present performance of my body. I feed my Super-8mm film into the projector, splice it into a continuous loop and use my body to directly manipulate the speed and direction of Fredrick’s reworked images. The film snaps and burns. Celluloid memory flecks fly off and jam the projector. 


Video ID: Video projection of old home videos from the 1940s-50s. The projections show Christmas celebrations - Xmas trees with tinsel, children playing, family around the tree. The song 'Santo Baby' Eartha Kitt begins to play. A shadow of Shannon dancing moves and glides across the frame making silohuetted shapes and compositions. 

Santa Baby

Rehearsal with digitally projected images 

November 2019 

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Performance History:
February 2020     Inhale/Exhale with Window Seat Media, Olympia WA
November 2019    Studio Works, The Art Room, Leah Stein Dance Company, Philadelphia PA
March 2019            Shoebox Theater Festival, Philadelphia PA 


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