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May 22, 2021
10pm - 10pm EST 


HERE and THERE is 12-hour virtual program with two streams, side by side, featuring the multimedia work from 71 international artists.


HERE and THERE is a collaboration between Window Room (Philadelphia) and Parkhaus15 (Orlando), cultivating an exchange between artists globally, experimenting with virtual exhibition and reintroducing physical space.

Join us online at 

On this website are two streams side by side, one programmed by Window Room the other Parkhaus15. The schedules and content of each stream drift in and out of relationship with one another to make global connections, ask where we are now and reflect on how we live within COVID-19 together and totally out of sync. (2).gif

ID : Against a black background with a thin white line boarder is white text reading “HERE” , then a white “&” blinks onto the frame, then a white “THERE” blinks to frame- ultimately spelling “HERE&THERE”. This video plays on loop. Each word/symbol uses a slightly different font.

Artist Alonzo Troy Humphery will be in person from 2PM-4PM est to unveil his new mural
'Harriet Tubman Freeing People from Slavery'. There is also original artwork by Alonzo Troy Humphery on view and for sale. 

5PM est - Emospacebird will perform a live set at Window Room. Maximum 5 people in audience. 

7PM est -  Screening of short film 'Sally Go 'Round the Roses' by Taryn Jones and Phaedra Mae Restad (SOLD OUT).


Printed Paper Dolls from the short film 'Sally Go 'Round the Roses' on view and for the public to take! 


To visit us please read our COVID-19 guidelines and book an appointment 

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