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super 8mm contact improvisation
with natural hand processing 

Film documenting a dance rehearsal with Shannon Brooks and Jonathan Stein. Shot on Super 8 black and white negative film (February 12th 2019) and hand processed in Caffenol developer

Film projected on dance performance with Jonathan Stein for Mira Treatman's "Duets with Strangers"
(February 15th 2019).

Video ID: The projection of a black&white, s8mm negative makes a jagging, pulsing white square in a dark room. The projectors makes a repeating whirl. The film shows wisps of bodies, floor, and ceiling from Jonathan Stein and Shannon's  first movement practice while rehearsing for Duets with Strangers. 

video capture of s8mm film projection
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Glitchy video accidentally made from super 8mm projection.

Video ID: Glitchy video of s8mm projection. Begins with indigo, glitch splotches ripping at the image against a black background. Blackness appears where the projection is thrown - it fades in and out with the brightness and darkness of the projections - showing a loose frame of blackness. 

Glitchy video 
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