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Psychic Highway

An embryonic iteration of this project was developed and performed in spring 2023 at Studio 34, Philadelphia. 

Psychic Highway is a part of a fuller body of  movement/sound research that is shared through performances, semi-public experiment/experiences, and accessible workshops throughout 2023-2024. 

Psychic Highway is an multimedia-performance practice. 

Project description for Studio 34 showing - March 2023

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Along the Erie Canal is a snake-like sliver of Western New York known as the Burned Over District; a thoroughfare for the occult; a Psychic Highway. 

Psychic Highway (work in progress) is a multimedia-performance exploring the tensions between invisible forces and the material world. 

Drawing upon the parallel history of new spiritual movements of 19th Century Western NY, and the rise of industry along the Erie Canal as a geological and imaginative framework, Psychic Highway digs into the layers of American nostalgia and American individualism to explore the relationships between Ideology, Disability, profit, power and ghosts. Collaging together emerging vignettes of movement, memory, and geological material we dissolve our eyeballs and transform into rocks. As rocks, we see through time, erode, and metamorphosize into new shapes. And from this vantage point we perceive how our present was shaped by both visible and invisible histories.

Created by Shannon Brooks

Movers/collaborators: Alanna Bozman, Briell GiancolaKimya Jackson, Leigh Huster, Ellen (LN) K Foster, Lu Donovan, Teresa Silva  

Sound: Andrew Keller, Ellen (LN) K Foster, mx.dash

Lights/Projection: Max Bienstock, Mycie Colodny

Pre-show projection: Oona Taper in collaboration with Shannon Brooks, Mycie Colodny, and Molly. 


Set Design/Production: Briell GiancolaLeigh Huster, Teresa Silva

Special Thanks: Rocks, Leah Stein, Max Bienstock, Courtney Partington, Maggie Mills, Hook&Loop, Rachel Gordon, Undue Burden, Oona Taper , Celeste Pulido Garcia, Benji Santos, Annie Wilson, Brandon Brooks 

Close up of Shannon in a coat with rocks attached to it by strings. Their head is down and hands are up covering their face.

Close up of Shannon in a coat with rocks attached to it by strings. Their head is down and hands are up covering their face.

Psychic Highway work-in-progress showing

Studio 34, 2023 

Photograph by Molly M. 

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