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Accessibility covers a broad spectrum of actions and approaches that can make an

environment or resource more engaging for everyone.


Below are current Window Room Accessibility Notes. 


If there are any additional concerns about the space or a program please do not hesitate to contact us 

through email at and we will do our best to provide you with accommodations. 

Transportation and Mobility:

  • Window Room is studio #228 on the second floor of the Grays Ave Warehouse. 

  • Exact address of the space can be given by emailing us at

  • The space is in a multi-unit warehouse with multiple entrances.

  • The studio is on the second floor and not currently wheelchair accessible due to an

       out-of-order elevator.

  • The easiest entrance is the black metal gate, facing the street, closest to 52nd st. 

       (Pictures of this doorway can be provided by emailing us.) 

  • Located off of SEPTA 36trolley, 64 or 52 bus. 

  • Parking all around the warehouse

  • Leading up to entrances there is uneven ground/cracks in the pavement 

  • The stairways to the second floor have handrails, 24 steps, and 2 landings/turns. 

  • All programs will have signage outside of the warehouse and in the stairwell leading to the studio.



  • There are two all-gender bathrooms on the second floor. 

  • One has two stalls without handrails and a sink. The other bathroom is a single,

       has more room for movement, no handrails, mirror, and sink.

  • Low-scent soap, toilet paper, and hand towels are provided by Window Room if they are not

       readily available in the bathrooms.  

  • Signage to the bathrooms is marked and verbal directions can be given. 



  • We are a low-scent space. 

  • We ask everyone to come to Window Room fragrance-free.

  • Any cleaning products used in our space are scent-free.

  • Ventilation with fans and our window can be provided.

  • Quick second-floor access to the outside can be pointed out on request. 

  • No smoking inside the building.

  • The warehouse is well used and there is often dust and odors from art materials in the air. 

  • Darkroom chemicals give off orders when used. 



  • 60+ chairs

  • cushioned loveseat with arms

  •  6 chairs are wide, sturdy and without arms

  • 100+ foam puzzle piece floor tiles for floor seating. 



  • A low stimulation, more private space can always be found in our office area. 



  • Lighting of the space may change according to a program’s needs. However, non-fluorescent lighting

       is available and often used in our lobby areas.

  •  Any program using strobe or intense lighting will be noted before the event and in any literature 



  • Window Room does not have central temperature control and can get very hot/cold depending on the


  • Heating/cooling supplied by wood pellet furnace, space heaters, air conditioner, and 5 industrial fans.

  • The space has blankets and water always available. 


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